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青少年 數位隱形矯正 拔牙 臨床案例

主訴:臉型太凸 ,先天性缺牙 治療目標:改善臉型 拔右上第一小臼齒 並關閉拔牙和缺牙空間 治療計劃:數位隱形矯正 上顎利用拔牙和缺牙空間合并骨釘將牙齒排列整齊並後縮 下顎則利用IPRs 創造空間將牙齒排列整齊並後縮 治療機制:Class II and Class III elastics, IPR,Extraction. TADs. Chief Complaint:  Bimaxillary protrusion. Congenital missing.  Goals of Treatment:  Change profile. Close the extraction space. Diagnosis: Class II malocclusion. High MM angle. Therapy and Mechanism: Maxima anchorage in the upper arch. Extraction. Arch … Continue reading

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